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Country Port Anonymous    Https/Ssl  
1   2   3   4   30
Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
Y N 2448 0'    
Y N 2200 0'    
Y N 2459 1'    
Y N 1154 1'    
Y Y 1811 1'    
N Y 2365 1'    
Y N 2357 1'    
Y N 2427 1'    
N Y 305 1'    
Y N 1407 2'    
Y N 2572 2'    
Y N 2797 2'    
Y N 1743 2'    
N Y 2251 2'    
N N 1970 2'    

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Latest tested proxy list :

Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
Y N 2448 60'    
Y N 2200 60'    
Y N 2459 59'    
Y N 1154 59'    
Y Y 1811 59'    
N Y 2365 59'    
Y N 2357 59'    
Y N 2427 59'    
N Y 305 59'    
Y N 1407 58'    

The web-filtering company provides a database of URL patterns (regular expressions) with associated content attributes . I2P anonymous proxy Main article: I2P The I2P anonymous network ('I2P') is a proxy network aiming at online anonymity . Accessing services anonymously Main article: Anonymizer An anonymous proxy server (sometimes called a web proxy) generally attempts to anonymize web surfing . The proxy is effectively operating a man-in-the-middle attack, allowed by the client's trust of a root certificate the proxy owns . Most ISPs and large businesses have a caching proxy . Tor onion proxy software Main article: Tor (anonymity network) The Vidalia Tor-network map . Open proxies An open proxy forwarding requests from and to anywhere on the Internet .

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Proxies allow users to make indirect network connections to other computer network services. Proxy servers are available to anyone on the internet.