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Country Port Anonymous    Https/Ssl  
1   2   3   4   37
Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
Y Y 543 2'    
N N 3677 3'    
Y Y 1269 3'    
N N 1608 3'    
Y N 2269 3'    
N N 1477 3'    
Y Y 1961 4'    
Y N 4514 4'    
N N 1726 4'    
Y Y 1215 4'    
Y Y 1578 4'    
N N 1492 4'    
Y N 5297 4'    
Y Y 1538 5'    
Y Y 753 5'    

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Latest tested proxy list :

Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
Y Y 543 118'    
N N 3677 117'    
Y Y 1269 117'    
N N 1608 117'    
Y N 2269 117'    
N N 1477 117'    
Y Y 1961 116'    
Y N 4514 116'    
N N 1726 116'    
Y Y 1215 116'    

By comparing the sequence of network hops reported by a tool such as traceroute for a proxied protocol such as http (port 80) with that for a non proxied protocol such as SMTP (port 25) . Most web filtering companies use an internet-wide crawling robot that assesses the likelihood that a content is a certain type . "Onion routing" refers to the layered nature of the encryption service: The original data are encrypted and re-encrypted multiple times, then sent through successive Tor relays, each one of which decrypts a "layer" of encryption before passing the data on to the next relay and ultimately the destination . Logging and eavesdropping Proxies can be installed in order to eavesdrop upon the data-flow between client machines and the web . As visitors browse the proxied site, requests go back to the source site where pages are rendered . RFC 2616 (Hypertext Transfer Protocol—HTTP/1 . Each user of I2P runs an I2P router on their computer (node) . Reverse proxies are installed in the neighborhood of one or more web servers .

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Proxies allow users to make indirect network connections to other computer network services. Proxy servers are available to anyone on the internet.