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December 2017 Proxy list

Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested
N N 670 57411'  
N Y 1562 57411'  
Y N 3424 57411'  

This is an archive and the proxies may be outdated, please use Current free proxy list.

Latest tested proxy list :

Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
N Y 2256 -28'    
Y N 3060 -25'    
Y Y 689 -19'    
N N 498 -17'    

Use of HTTPS proxies are detectable even without examining the encrypted data, based simply on firewall monitoring of addresses for frequency of use and bandwidth usage . Most web filtering companies use an internet-wide crawling robot that assesses the likelihood that a content is a certain type . Gordon Lyon estimates there are "hundreds of thousands" of open proxies on the Internet . Spoon feeding: reduces resource usage caused by slow clients on the web servers by caching the content the web server sent and slowly "spoon feeding" it to the client . In such situations, proxy analysis of the contents of a SSL/TLS transaction becomes possible . This second reason however is mitigated by features such as Active Directory group policy, or DHCP and automatic proxy detection .

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