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May 2018 Proxy list

Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested
Y N 2351 61326'  

This is an archive and the proxies may be outdated, please use Current free proxy list.

Latest tested proxy list :

Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
Y N 4137 7206'    

All content sent or accessed – including passwords submitted and cookies used – can be captured and analyzed by the proxy operator . Different translation proxy implementations have different capabilities . A website could still suspect a proxy is being used if the client sends packets which include a cookie from a previous visit that did not use the high-anonymity proxy server . Implementations of proxies Transparent proxy Also known as an intercepting proxy, inline proxy, or forced proxy, a transparent proxy intercepts normal communication at the network layer without requiring any special client configuration . Each user of I2P runs an I2P router on their computer (node) . The goals of I2P are to protect users' personal freedom, privacy, and ability to conduct confidential business . To circumvent Internet filtering to access content otherwise blocked by governments . Forward proxies are proxies where the client server names the target server to connect to .

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