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Country Port Anonymous    Https/Ssl  
1   2   3   4   5   11
Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
N Y 1179 14'    
N Y 409 14'    
Y N 2494 15'    
Y N 801 18'    
N Y 420 19'    
Y N 508 20'    
Y N 1861 21'    
N N 1347 22'    
Y N 2846 23'    
Y Y 398 24'    
N Y 406 25'    
Y Y 487 28'    

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Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
Y N 438 -59'    
N N 1142 -58'    
N Y 405 -57'    
Y N 3602 -56'    
N Y 400 -56'    
Y Y 1928 -55'    
Y N 2397 -55'    
Y N 1303 -54'    
N Y 2135 -53'    
N N 2607 -50'    

Many proxy servers are funded through a continued advertising link to the user . All traffic coming from the Internet and with a destination of one of the neighborhood's web servers goes through the proxy server . Purpose Intercepting proxies are commonly used in businesses to enforce acceptable use policy, and to ease administrative overheads, since no client browser configuration is required . Intercepting also creates problems for HTTP authentication, especially connection-oriented authentication such as NTLM, since the client browser believes it is talking to a server rather than a proxy . Most web filtering companies use an internet-wide crawling robot that assesses the likelihood that a content is a certain type . For this reason, passwords to online services (such as webmail and banking) should always be exchanged over a cryptographically secured connection, such as SSL .

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Proxies allow users to make indirect network connections to other computer network services. Proxy servers are available to anyone on the internet.