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Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
N N 1875 54'    
Country Port Anonymous    Https/Ssl  

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Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
N Y 1733 -27'    
Y N 3384 -22'    
Y Y 1768 -19'    
Y Y 1659 -19'    
N N 1344 -7'    
N N 1875 -6'    

Performance Enhancing Proxies Main article: Performance Enhancing Proxy A proxy that is designed to mitigate specific link related issues or degradations . By comparing the result of online IP checkers when accessed using https vs http, as most intercepting proxies do not intercept SSL . "Onion routing" refers to the layered nature of the encryption service: The original data are encrypted and re-encrypted multiple times, then sent through successive Tor relays, each one of which decrypts a "layer" of encryption before passing the data on to the next relay and ultimately the destination . 1) offers standard definitions: "A 'transparent proxy' is a proxy that does not modify the request or response beyond what is required for proxy authentication and identification" . Clearing cookies, and possibly the cache, would solve this problem . The organization can thereby track usage to individuals . Forward proxies A forward proxy taking requests from an internal network and forwarding them to the Internet . Some poorly implemented caching proxies have had downsides (e .