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Turkey - Proxy list

Turkey Web Proxy list Fresh Web Proxy List
Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
N Y 500 54'    
Y N 1978 56'    
Country Port Anonymous    Https/Ssl  

Web Proxy Fresh Web Proxy List

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Latest tested proxy list :

Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
Y N 1537 0'    
Y N 1879 0'    
N N 2136 0'    
Y N 1929 0'    
Y N 3953 0'    
Y N 1322 0'    
Y N 3883 0'    
N N 2406 -1'    
Y Y 699 -1'    
Y N 3620 -1'    

Many proxy servers are funded through a continued advertising link to the user . In a workplace setting where the client is managed by the organization, trust might be granted to a root certificate whose private key is known to the proxy . In such situations, proxy analysis of the contents of a SSL/TLS transaction becomes possible . The client presumes that the gateway is a NAT in layer-3, and it does not have any idea about the inside of the packet, but through this method the layer-3 packets are sent to the layer-7 proxy for investigation . This problem can partly be overcome by using the SubjectAltName feature of X . Caching proxies keep local copies of frequently requested resources, allowing large organizations to significantly reduce their upstream bandwidth usage and costs, while significantly increasing performance .