Proxies on port 80

Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
N N 390 -15'    
Y N 611 -16'    
Y N 847 -8'    
Y N 1303 -55'    
N N 1347 -39'    
Y N 1861 -40'    
Y N 1960 -25'    
Y N 2047 -24'    
Y N 2235 -20'    
N N 2607 -51'    
N Y 2873 -50'    
Y N 3595 -1'    
1   2
Country Port Anonymous    Https/Ssl  

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Latest tested proxy list :

Country Address Port Anon. Https Score Tested  
N N 1142 -59'    
N Y 405 -58'    
Y N 3602 -57'    
N Y 400 -57'    
Y Y 1928 -56'    
Y N 2397 -56'    
Y N 1303 -55'    
N Y 2135 -54'    
N N 2607 -51'    
N Y 2873 -50'    

NAT 4 Web proxy servers 5 See also 5 . In client configuration of NAT, configuring the gateway is sufficient . Comparison of proxifiers Diverse Topics Application layer firewall Captive portal Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse Internet privacy Proxy list SOCKS an alternative firewall traversal protocol supported by many applications References ^ Structure and Encapsulation in Distributed Systems: the Proxy Principle . By serving the end-user specially programmed Adobe Flash SWF applications or Sun Java applets that send HTTP calls back to their server . If used in this way, security measures should be considered to protect the rest of your infrastructure in case this server is compromised, as its web application is exposed to attack from the Internet . Proxy bouncing can be used to maintain your privacy . Consequently it can be used on a device or network that does not allow "true" proxy settings to be changed . Reverse proxies are installed in the neighborhood of one or more web servers .